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All of Our Actions, Emotions and Behaviours Are Habits. 

Our habits are a product of something happening in the brain.

The brain is a survival machine.

All change is perceived by the brain as a threat to survival, we don’t get to change our habits until the brain feels safe.

A habit is formed when a new behaviour in adopted by the Basal ganglia in the brain.

This occurs when the brain deems the new behaviour to be a more easy, effective, fun, fulfilling method for achieving what it most values.

This principle above all else must inform any new action we wish to continue for the long term.

Determination or will power will never be enough, in fact the need for them is a red flag that a habit will not be formed around the new action. 

Your Results Are an Expression Of Your Values.

Our values are the emotional drivers gathered across our lives that unconsciously guide our actions.

Neuroscience research has discovered that our decisions are made 11 seconds before we believe we have consciously made a decision.

I believe we will soon discovered it is significantly longer. 
Our habits, priorities, self worth, success, relationships, fun, fulfilment, health, and happiness are an expression of our values and our alignment with them. 

Knowing Your Self Doubt Is The First Step.

It sounds funny I know, we should be certain, we should be clear and confident.

If you think about it though it is our determined conviction that we are moving in the right direction to reach our intended destination that keeps us moving that way and ignoring all indictors to the contrary.  
It is doubt that we are travelling in the right direction that allow us to stop, look at our map, establish our current location and seek to move forward again with certainty in a new direction.

Doubt is the first ingredient in transformation. 

First Transform YOURSELF So You Can Transform OTHERS.


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Fix Your Thinking.

The biggest problem practitioners face is actually themselves. Discover how you can "Fix" your thinking, and why this is crucial if you are going to improve your results.  

Recipes make it easier

You are hard wired in specific ways. We make transformational change happen much easier with our step by step "recipe" approach to helping you become a better practitioner.
The contents of this course is what EVERY practitioner needs to understand in order to maximise their internal and external results. 

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Meet Your instructorS
Meet Your instructor

Ed Ley

Ed graduated UWE with a BSc Sports, conditioning, coaching and rehabilitation and from 2004-2010 I worked with some of the UK’s top coaches, trainers, physio’s, Osteopaths where I learned so much about pain, performance, health, diet, sleep and behavioural change.

In 2011 I opened absolute health -  a gym, personal training and health care studio. We used neuroscience principles to help our clients to optimise their performance. During that time I was given the chance to speak at Tedx.

I wrote two books and had a serious amount of fun. I enjoy reading, learning, chess, nature, writing, football, cooking, eating, drinking and mostly inspiring conversations. 

I now live in Denmark and consult to some of Europes largest corporate CEO's and enjoy helping others to engineer their ultimate life. 
Patrick Jones - Course author