Dr. Stewart Gillespie

Dr. Stewart Gillespie is the founder of Innate Immunity (formerly known as Functional Health Solutions).

He teaches his signature Innate Immunity Method™ to health professionals around the globe through his online courses and mentorship program. He helps those who are invested in learning more about recovering from chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

Teaching has become Dr Gillespie’s primary role, as he is outnumbered by the number of people needing his help.
Dr Gillespie is a world-renowned functional medicine practitioner and has run a successful online practice for 17 years. He has treated many high-profile clients from all over the world using his signature method and remains busy purely through word-of-mouth.

Dr Gillespie is known for working with the individual’s immune type (Th1, Th2, or Th17) and for being able to simplify the most complex of health problems.

“Gillespie Gold” is a term affectionately coined by his students, describing the “functional medicine gems” of information that are sprinkled throughout his workshops, online courses and mentorship program.

The Innate Immunity Method™

BREAK DOWN TO BREAK THROUGH: First you need to break down old constructs and out-dated ways of thinking. Just because it’s “always been done this way” doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

LEARN TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Autoimmune disease and chronic illness are NOT handled well by traditional medicine (in our opinion). You don’t just wake up one day with an autoimmune disease. Your body has been sending you clues, which have been ignored or suppressed by medication. We teach you how to become a health detective, so that you can piece together clues and figure out the puzzle.

LISTEN CLOSELY: If you have been chronically ill - chances are you have also been dismissed by your doctor, or maybe your friends and family. We listen to you - and the whispers that your body is telling you that something is not right. 

BE A DOCTOR: The word doctor means ‘to teach’. So this will always be our primary role. Our job is to EDUCATE you. Before you can get to where you want to go, you need to understand where you have come from, and why you have ended up with the diagnosis you have today. We will take the time to explain to you what no one else has ever bothered to do.

LESS TESTING: One of my biggest gripes with Functional Medicine practitioners is that they run way too many expensive lab tests that are not 100% necessary, or they’re not financially feasible. You DON’T need to spend thousands of dollars before you start a protocol. I teach you how to navigate around this expensive mine-field and to learn to listen to your gut instincts and how to get back to basics. Do I still run tests?? Yes - but only when they are appropriate, or if someone is not responding to treatment. There are very few tests that I find useful, based on the amount of things that will go undetected or missed. No man-made test is ever going to be 100% reliable. I prefer the patient to spend the money on their solution where possible.

LESS SUPPLEMENTS: Too many health practitioners are prescribing a ton of supplements that are prescribed based only on the diagnosis or symptom management. A natural band aid is still a band aid. We need to be better than that. On average, my patients take only 3-4 supplements at a time.

SIMPLICITY: Complex health conditions have many bodily systems that are involved. The trick is knowing how to unravel each symptom and which string to pull first. You don’t need to have a lengthy protocol that goes for months. You don’t need the latest “superfood” or supplement from the Amazon rainforest. More often than not, the very basics of health care have NOT been addressed. These “simple basics” are often assumed knowledge, but how are you meant to know about them if no one is ever talking about them? We make complex health cases simple.

YOUR DIAGNOSIS DOES NOT MATTER: We teach you to never treat the diagnosis. Instead we must go after the PROCESS, the reason WHY you are chronically ill. The diagnosis does not matter.

YOUR PROGNOSIS IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU: Don’t ever let a doctor, a diagnosis or other people’s opinions dictate what your future will look like. A prognosis is ONLY an educated guess and it does not take into account the circumstances that are unique to YOU.

THE INNATE IMMUNITY COMMUNITY: We provide a safe container for like-minded people to connect. Community is something that is severely lacking in this world and this is one of the most integral parts of our mentorship program. We value holistic healing, supporting each other and knowing that we always have someone to lean on. We are far more powerful working together, rather than doing it alone. 

THE RIPPLE EFFECT: This is what it’s all about! Showing up and making an impact in the world. If you can work on healing yourself, who will you be able to show up better for? Your children? Your spouse? Your employer? Your employees? Your colleagues? Humanity in general? Helping one person does not just affect one person. The ripple effect is PROFOUND and far-reaching way beyond that individual. 


1. What is your Immune Type? (Th1, Th2, Th17, Th22?)

2. What is your immune system responding to?
- Infections
- Toxins coming in
- Toxins can't get out
- Stress/Emotions/Trauma

3. Address Gut, Liver, Detox Pathways & Hormones

4. Restore Balance: Innate Immunity

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