Advanced Immune System Care

How to detect an issue with your clients immune system, and what you can do about it, all within your scope of practice.
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How Many of Your Clients Tell You They Are Always SICK?

Today we are seeing a lot more of your clients for pain and inflammation that have already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

A lot of clients will be asking advice from you based on this and how to avoid being immunocompromised especially in this day and age.

The problem of autoimmunity is just beginning and soon will become the leading cause of death in the western world.

But It Can Be Helped.

For that reason knowing the symptoms of each immune type and how it affects your physical body is becoming essential for prevention.

This is because a lot of their pain and dysfunction is systemic and involves their immune system Some of clients are on pain meds and immune suppressants that do not always work and are coming to see you for symptom relief.

The amount of knowledge we know now about the gut microbiome and its influence on the immune system and its role in PAIN is becoming pivotal.

It’s so important not to IGNORE the role of the immune system.

How Do You Assess The Immune System?

What are the things you’re looking for?

And what can you do alongside the treatments that you already do?

With immune problems, sometimes it’s what you remove, that is more important than what supplements you add.

So rather than being afraid of irreversible and untreatable conditions you can learn to evaluate the immune system and take care of your clients as a whole.

In other words you can now address immune/joint problems at the same time.

This is soooo commonnnn when you open a different set of eyes and know what to look for.

But how do you do that?

What Are Your Clients Options?

Unfortunately they are rather limited.

It’s either you or the medical route, which is potentially a lifetime of medications like immunosuppressants and corticosteroids that have tremendous side effects.

Or a lot of money is spent on testing through the alternative doctor and then taking copious amounts of ineffective supplements.

But they’ve come to see you for a reason - they’re not getting help anywhere else.

You need to understand what’s going on, and how to use an integrative approach alongside what you already do.

This course gives you four main modules where we go through everything from how to recognise the symptoms, the tests and what to do with their gut health:

Module 1 we go through your immune type how it can lead to autoimmune problems down the road. 

Module 2 we look at ways to calm down an overactive immune system using dietary and lifestyle intervention. You’ll see why some supplements aggravate some people but not others even with the same diagnosis.

Module 3 we discuss how to stimulate your innate immune system in order to prevent autoimmunity.

Lastly in Module 4 we go over how emotional stress affects your immune system, Vagus nerve intervention and something called mitochondrial cell danger response.

This is a fully integrated approach to helping you work with your regular clients who have immune issues at the same time.

You and your clients will love this all encompassing approach.

See you on the inside.


  • 4 Modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 67 Videos
  • 4 PDFs
  • Learning Community
  • 6 Hours CPD

Learn at your own pace.

We take a complicated area, and break it down into simple steps that help you not only understand the immune system, but help you explain this to your clients. 

Bite sized chunks.

No more watching 1hr + long boring videos. Learn better. Learn Faster. Retain the information!
solve the problem FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Help Your Clients Immune Systems Today.

Meet Your instructor

Dr. Stewart Gillespie

Dr. Stewart Gillespie is an established Functional Medicine Practitioner. His private practice is a virtual practice that allows him to treat clients all over the world for 15+ years.

He consults patients in overcoming the factors that cause chronic disease, from digestion to hormones, to regulating the immune system, and enhancing brain function.

He accepts and treats cases that other physicians don’t want to touch. He consults patients who have been frustrated with their care from top hospitals and medical doctors with a whole body approach, using the best scientific testing currently available.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Kind words by our students

They love our
approach to learning.

When I started this journey my world turned upside down. All my young life I just thought everything I went through was normal. Here I am now many years later putting it all together thanks to you.
Without this program I would not like to think where I would be on the medical treadmill. Honestly so many more thank you’s I haven’t finished writing my book of symptoms but I know I am 99% health now compared to when my bloods where telling me I was. 🙏
Wanted you to know that the conversations I have with people are completely different to those of 12 months ago. Thank you again, ever so much 🙏🏼
You do go above and beyond for us ❤️
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