Finally Uncover The Reasons Why Your Back Pain Won't Go Away, And What You Can Do About it. 
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Course is available Saturday 9th October (With live sessions Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th October)
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Frustrated With Your Lower Back Pain?

There is always a solution. 

Even WITHOUT seeing your trusted practitioner. 

In this workshop we'll show you exactly which parts of the four main reasons people have back pain that apply to you, and what you can do about it, for less than 1/2 the price of visiting a professional.

The four main reasons you have back pain include one (or a combination of) the following:

  1. Your Immune System Type
  2. Your Movement "Biases"
  3. Your Nutritional Status and
  4. Your Stress Mechanisms

That's it. 

The solution to your back pain will be in this list above, and we'll show you exactly which part and give you steps to be able to drastically improve your back pain, yourself. 


This is like nothing else you've ever seen. 

Finally, the complete back pain picture.

What's Inside?

Course is available Saturday 9th October (With live sessions Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th October)
Meet Your instructor

Dr. Stewart Gillespie

Dr. Stewart Gillespie is an established Functional Medicine Practitioner. His private practice is a virtual practice that allows him to treat clients all over the world for 15+ years.

He consults patients in overcoming the factors that cause chronic disease, from digestion to hormones, to regulating the immune system, and enhancing brain function.

He accepts and treats cases that other physicians don’t want to touch. He consults patients who have been frustrated with their care from top hospitals and medical doctors with a whole body approach, using the best scientific testing currently available.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet Your instructor

Dr. Kate Smith

Kate Smith is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. She has been in private practice and teaching histology and anatomy at Macquarie University’s hospital and laboratories since 2010 and has been credited for her academic achievements in differential diagnosis and clinical practice by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA).

In over 10 years working as a chiropractor, she recognized that there was a small percentage of patients who would not respond to conventional treatment. They should have been getting better, but they weren’t. This is where she found functional medicine offered a more in-depth approach to health, and the results speak for themselves. She hasn’t looked back since.
Meet Your instructor

Dr. David Birley

Dr. David Birley is an Osteopath with degrees in Biochemistry, Physiology and Clinical Sciences with post grad training in multiple physical therapy rehab methods.  

He's lectured both Anatomy & Neuroscience at university level and was the first Osteopath in Australia to complete clinical pilates training 23 years ago long before it was "trendy".   

He's done over 60,000 consultations in the past 21 years, and consults part time in Geelong, Victoria by referral only. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
kind words by our students

They love our
approach to learning.

When I started this journey my world turned upside down. All my young life I just thought everything I went through was normal. Here I am now many years later putting it all together thanks to you.
Angela M.
Without this program I would not like to think where I would be on the medical treadmill. Honestly so many more thank you’s I haven’t finished writing my book of symptoms but I know I am 99% health now compared to when my bloods where telling me I was. 🙏
Kath S.
Wanted you to know that the conversations I have with people are completely different to those of 12 months ago. Thank you again, ever so much 🙏🏼
You do go above and beyond for us ❤️
Linda B.