For Trainers and Therapists Wanting Advanced
Functional Health Strategies and Information
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You Know A Lot.

But You Know There's More.

You're one of the very few people in the world reading this. 

You're a leader, and a person who has a thirst for knowledge that is far greater than the "average" practitioner, and you're always striving towards getting the best results for your clients. 

But you're coming across roadblocks in your knowledge. 

These very roadblocks rob you of your confidence.

It's the confidence you need to be able to trust yourself to give an accurate answer to the questions you're asked.

You Need Help.

You Could Sign Up For Other People's Functional Medicine Training.  

But... the major issue is that you don't know where to go, what to trust.  

And let me tell you (from personal experience) that you'll spend at least $12,000 trying to get information over a year or two. 

To make matters worse, you'll get all this information, and 90% of it is completely useless to you in real world cases.  

So - what can you do about it? Simple.


Here's What You Get: This is unlike any other "cookie cutter" functional health program in the world. 

You'll get 4 solid 1 hour lectures on major topics every month.  That's one per week.  

You'll get access up to twelve LIVE Q&A webinars every month. That's up to three per week.  

This is 96 hours of content including up to 72+ hours of direct access to me... Which alone is worth many times the price of the mentoring program!!

You can even "bring along your clients" if you want! I'll help you solve their problems, real time (depending on availability). 

If you can't login live (I'm doing this in three timezones) we'll record every single one, and you can just watch it all at a time that suits you.  

Let me tell you there are ZERO programs out there like this. The major benefit to you is helping you eliminate that "I don't know" anxiety when asked a question by your client that you can't answer.  

Even if you don't know the answer to a question, you can absolutely KNOW that I've got your back, and you can ask me that exact question, live, and get the answer, all while helping other people worldwide understand at the exact same time.  

Got tough patients or clients? GET ANSWERS and set protocols to all of your questions. 


By Now, You're No Doubt Familiar With The Phrase "Everyone Is Different"
And in Functional Health, this is true! 

Maybe your client is worse after doing your protocol, and it's baffling you as to why, because it "worked" for someone with similar signs and symptoms.

Maybe you're feeling like you're guessing with some of your clients.

Remove the "mistakes" that are so easy to make.

This is why you need to knuckle down, and really learn the deeper aspects of Functional Health, and do it in a time and energy efficient manner. 
And you can do all of this, in a way that's unlike any other program in the world. 


In this exclusive online program - I will guide you through the following, giving you:  

My Fully Integrative Approach To An Integrative Problem ​

I'm being the mentor for you, that I never had.  And look, I know that it's "all very well" learning all this information... But then what?  

You'll be helping ME out, because I literally cannot see all the people that contact me on a daily basis. If you're a part of the program, once you've completed the 6 months, you'll be eligible for me to start helping your business.  


I Send You MY Clients. 

That's right!  I'm so confident that you'll be able to help people as I do after the six months, that (if you want to), I'll send people to YOU to sort out.  This alone will cover the investment in the mentorship program. But that's not all.  

Once you do the mentorship program, you'll be able to refer your patients to my online (patient centric) courses, and when they buy them, I'll pay you.  

You'll be able to refer practitioners to any of my programs, and I'll pay you.  


You'll Get Paid To Refer.  

It's like no other program in the world not only from a CONTENT point of view, but also a BUSINESS point of view. 

And, if you read on, you'll see why it makes sense from a personal point of view....


This is like nothing else you'll ever see. 

ALL of my students say that it has changed the way they see their clients. They now have a "different set of eyes" in which to view them.

In this program you get LIVE mentoring. You can ask questions that come up about your clients in REAL TIME. No one else does this. Certainly not at this price. 

You could hire me to do a 1 on 1 call with your client at $500 per hour. I'm happy to do that. But in this six month program, you get access up to 3 hours of me live, PER WEEK. 

Do the math. 

When you combine the 72 hours of live Q&A webinars, in ADDITION to the 24+ hours of lecture video and PDF's. 

...You're getting me for effectively $26 per hour.

If you're like 99% of health practitioners or coaches in the last year, you've taken a massive revenue hit, because you couldn't see people face to face. 

No manual therapy works very well with Zoom... People just don't want to pay to see you tell them to massage themselves. It FAILS badly as a business model. 

What people WILL pay you for though is for you to help guide them health wise, nutrition wise within your scope of practice.

And not only that...

They'll pay you VERY WELL for this.

Not only can you reach people globally, you get to charge more, and basically do less. 

The practitioners who use my system on average make an extra $1500-$2000 a week extra revenue. 

And that's from early on in the program. Start helping thyroid clients within 4 weeks. 

It's why we start there. There are SO MANY people with thyroid issues that need your help. 

However, all of this extra revenue generating stuff is great... but what if there's just ONE THING that you uncover that improves your OWN health?

Or a loved one's health?

What is THAT worth to you? 

Yes sure, I can send you clients that will improve your revenue, give you strategies to help you grow a virtual business should you wish to...

But are we without our own health? 

Every single practitioner that joins my program gets guidance directly from me to help them sort their own health issues out. 

Really think about that. What is that actually worth to you?

I'm guessing that your own health is worth more than anything. Your families health is the same. 

Certainly worth a LOT more than the investment that you'll make in this mentoring program. 


It's BIG. But It's broken into "bite sized chunks".


It's BIG. But It's broken into "bite sized chunks".

Course Lessons


In this exclusive online course - Functional Health specialist Dr. Stewart Gillespie will guide you through the following, giving you an:  

Integrative Approach To An Integrative Problem 

  • How to know that your clients have an inflammatory condition and what to do about it

  • Why not everyone has the SAME inflammatory cause and how to spot it
  • How exogenous and other hormone disruptors affect the body

And a whole lot more! Benefits of this program:

  • You will not have to guess at each patient.
  • Step by step protocols.
  • Take away the mistakes.
  • Learn from the mistakes and do not regard them as mistakes.
Establish a referral based practice.
Have a mentor I never had (and wished I did) 

And a massive benefit to this program: I will be referring patients to students who have completed the course.  

Not only that, you'll have access to my affiliate program so you can easily refer, and be paid for it.  

kind words by our students

They love our
approach to learning.

When I started this journey my world turned upside down. All my young life I just thought everything I went through was normal. Here I am now many years later putting it all together thanks to you.
Angela M.
Without this program I would not like to think where I would be on the medical treadmill. Honestly so many more thank you’s I haven’t finished writing my book of symptoms but I know I am 99% health now compared to when my bloods where telling me I was. 🙏
Kath S.
Wanted you to know that the conversations I have with people are completely different to those of 12 months ago. Thank you again, ever so much 🙏🏼
You do go above and beyond for us ❤️
Linda B.